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Somatic Tao


Penny Boyland

40 Coleridge Street
East Sussex
Phone: 01273 776020
Mobile: 07730683181

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Delivering simple effective relief for stress and trauma in Brighton and Hove

Somatic Tao delivers simple effective relief for stress and trauma, whether it be physical, (e.g. injury or surgery) or emotional (e.g. anxiety, grief, ange); recent or many years ago.

I am an experienced, fully insured and licensed practitioner of;

  • Somatic Experiencing (SE®), a wonderfully naturalistic approach to managing and resolving stress, distress and trauma;
  • Auriculotherapy, for management of pain and psycho-emotional disturbances; and
  • Chinese 5 Element Acupuncture, incorporating advanced knowledge of Stems and Branches Philosophy for constitutional support.

Different perspective, different results.

Western Medicine perspective: illness s a tangible biochemical and physiological concept

Chinese acupuncture perspective: illness is caused by imbalances in the flow Qi, the universal life energy within us.

Somatic Experiencing perpsective: illness results from unresolved survival energy - adrenaline - becoming trapped in our body.

Somatic Tao's perspective - wellness is restored when Qi is in balance and trapped survival energy is transformed and discharged.

If you're feeling ill, out of sorts, unhappy or stressed, it's my job to provide the highest quality of health care in an environment in which you feel safe and secure. I can relieve your symptoms and help you identify your personal health needs accurately. I will give you the knowledge you need to take an active part in your own healing process, so you'll grow emotionally as your treatment progresses. And because I take part in continual professional development, you enjoy access to all the latest self-healing methods to combat stress, distress and trauma.

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